Major Instagram Influencer Marketing Update

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Instagram is rolling out a new dashboard that will allow influencers to find brand deals, manage brand deals, and automatically share insights with the brands they work with.

This will be potentially monumental for the influencer marketing industry. By removing engagement metrics from posts earlier this year, they’ve made this new Brand Collab Dashboard even more important – it now becomes the easiest way to work with an influencer and get their insights/engagement stats.

Facebook is about to become the biggest influencer marketing agency in the world and this is just step one. It’s definitely a tool, but great automation and tools kill un-great manual processes (services). For example; Uber vs Taxi Call Centres. The great valuable manual processes survive while low ROI manual processes are rendered rightfully extinct by the new tools.

Times continue to change and once again opportunity will lead the willing and drag along or kill the reluctant. Much of the work we’re doing at Social Chain focuses on helping global brands navigate the influencer landscape with a clear business goal in mind (without getting ripped off / scammed) – Strategy & creativity will remain undefeated.